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on November 3, 2015 at 10:37:52 pm

Viral Media, Fall 2015 (EMAC 6381 / HUSL 6392 & EMAC 4372)

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Welcome to the shared course wiki for EMAC 6381 / HUSL 6392 and EMAC 4372, for Fall 2015. Each class has its own folder with its own respective syllabus, assignment sheets, etc. The case studies folder, which builds upon work done in previous iterations of this class, will be shared between both courses. 




Hannah Ridge

Professor Knight

Viral Media

November 3, 2015


Topic Proposal: 24


     For my research paper I will be analyzing the show 24. Season three contains episodes where a hotel is terrorized by a virus known as the Cordilla virus. During these hours, one of the main recurring themes is the idea of the greater good. Character after character continues to have to make hard decisions and sacrifices due to the life-threatening virus. With the clock ticking minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour, they are challenged with moral dilemmas.

     I feel this re-occurring theme (the greater good) is important because it is something individuals, businesses, families, countries, etc. face on a daily basis. It seems it would be almost impossible for anyone to watch these few episodes and not put themselves in the shoes of the actor/actress and ask, “Would I do what she did if it was for the greater good?” These few episodes address fears that are common to everyone, for example: Would I commit to my own moral code in the midst of adversity? I would love to further research these common themes in 24.

     For further analysis, I will also consider specific concepts such as lighting and sound during reoccurring motifs. I will examine the main cast, their supporting actors and the roles they play in the show, emphasizing my ideas on the greater good and the sacrifices that these characters continue to make in order to save the day. Lastly, I will take into consideration the recurring motif of viruses, in general, in our culture.




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